Relay a transaction to the network and estimate propagation.

POST /relay_tx


Receives the transaction to be relayed, and optionally the number of seconds to wait before estimating propagation.

tx The transaction to relay, in json, binary or hex format
wait Time to wait before estimating propagation through the network, in seconds (default 3, max 10)


Returns the tx hash and propagation information.

success Whether tx was successfully relayed (true or false)
hash The transaction hash
propagation Details on propagation estimation
sent How many peers the transaction was sent to
received How many peers the transaction was received from
percent Estimated propagation of the transaction through the network


If there is an error relaying the transaction, the response will include an "error" message.

If the transaction is invalid, the response will also include a "detail" field with information about the validation error.


curl -X POST -d "wait=10&tx=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"
  "success": true,
  "hash": "5dd3213d18222db85dda31b7d3c1d7f1da5edfd4b9ed9aee4d9eef037f08d1df",
  "propagation": {
    "received": 28,
    "sent": 1,
    "percent": 80.0